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To request a quote for your reservation, please fill out this form. We will reply back to you with the cost of your reservation as soon as possible. We will reply back to you with the cost of your reservation as soon as possible and send you a request for payment via PayPal for the reservation.

** means these hot tub sites are NOT available yet but they will be in the near future.


Reservations Policy:

Check-in is from at 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM – PST
Check Out is at 1:00 PM – PST

Reservations are made using PayPal to make a payment in full of the amount due. We require a minimum of two (2) nights for any reservation and it must be paid in full prior to entry into the Guadalupe Canyon. We strongly encourage you to book well in advance to ensure tub availability. Reservation requests must be made one (1) week in advance of your desired date.

Cancellation Policy:

Management reserves the right to no refunds due to natural disaster, illness or any other reason. We are not responsible for personal injury, property damage or illness. Small cars are not recommended and we are not responsible for damaged or stuck vehicles.

24 hours prior notice for cancellation is required. Once a reservation is paid in full it is non refundable. A “No show” will be charged if you do not arrive without cancelling. With a 24 hour advance warning of cancellation, you will be granted credit towards future stays at Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs valid from date of cancellation to 1 month except for Holidays.

Minimum age:

To rent any of our campsite hot tubs at Guadalupe Canyon Hot Spring you must be 21 years of age. Identification will be required to verify age.

Management reserves the right of Admission.

Camp Ground Los Manantiales

Hot Tubs

Campo los Manantiales has access to 15 unique campsite listed belo. Each campsite has its very own individual hot tub, filled with pure, clean mineral water. Temperature waters can be adjusted from 80 to 110 degrees (F• ).

Below you will find campsite names. Once you’ve decided on your favorite hot tub, visit the reservations page to request a stay in.

Please note, you’re renting a private campsite that come with a bbq grill, picnic table, parking spot, space for tents, trash cans and Palapas (Shelter made of palm leaves) not all Palapas may be included. Toilets and showers are within walking distance

Hot Tubs Rates   
Base Rate Per Night
Hot TubsPalapa (Shelter made of palm leaves)No. of Maximum GuestNo. of Cars4X4 Cars onlyWeeklyWeekends/Holidays
**Prices are US Dollars
Camp Ground Los Manantiales
La CuevaAvailable21n/a5065n/an/a
El CoyoteAvailable21n/a5065n/an/a
La Choyan/a21n/a5065n/an/a
El Nidon/a41n/a70130n/an/a
La NoriaAvailable62Required90150n/an/a
La CoronaAvailable62n/a90150n/an/a
La LunaAvailable62n/a90150n/an/a
La Glorian/a82n/a150200n/an/a
La PalapaAvailable82n/a150200n/an/a
La IndiaAvailable82n/a150200n/an/a
El Oasisn/a82n/a150200n/an/a
El Edenn/a82n/a150200n/an/a
El AztecaAvailable103n/a200275n/an/a

**Prices are US Dollars